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Speakers Bureau

Tell me a fact, and I’ll believe you. Tell me a story, and I’ll keep it in my heart forever!

Speakers Bureau for Adults and Businesses

Our speakers bureau, featuring our leadership and members of our programs, is a way for us to share our inspiring story with the community. Speakers are available to speak at businesses, community groups, schools, etc. For adult and business audiences, we will share our clients’ stories of overcoming challenges to motivate your group to work to achieve their greatest individual potential.


  • Focusing on potential, not limitations.
  • What we all share in common – including people with IDD.
  • There is only one ‘spectrum’ and we are all on it – just standing in different spots.
  • When life forces us to go to Plan B: loving, helping, living with, and raising a child, sibling, or grandchild with special needs.

Speakers Bureau for Students

Everyone has a challenge or burden in their lives. Each one of us. Some people’s challenges are obvious, others must be brave to overcome what cannot be seen. Our Speakers will encourage your group to think about their personal struggles and how to work through them to not let their struggles define them.

At schools, we talk to students about how bullying affects each of us. We talk about how to defend and befriend those who are being bullied, especially students with special needs.


  • Kids with special needs like the same things as ‘typical’ kids.
  • It is easy to include kids with special needs in your friend group.
  • We share strategies and tips about how to ease into friendships with students with special needs.

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Speakers Bureau

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*The Mission Road Speakers Bureau is a Girl Scout Gold Award created by Addison Nelson.