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Complete the interest form, email us at info@mrmsat.org, or call (210) 334-2455.

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You make the world a better place.

Volunteers of all kinds are important to us. As a volunteer we want you to participate in a way that is meaningful to YOU. We are dedicated to working closely with you to identify your ideal project plan, specific experience, and “take away” plus scheduling days, times, and places that are most convenient for you. Please see our online form to select volunteer project options that best meet your expectations and needs.

There are several ways to volunteer at Mission Road:

You’re the Expert

What is your passion? Expertise? Joy? Volunteer your time to play your musical instrument; build a birdhouse; teach us about the sun and stars; bake a cake; care for animals; teach us dances from your ancestors; and on and on. Volunteering is about YOU! We love it all!

On-Campus Group Volunteers

Large volunteer groups are welcome! Activities can include working directly with members of our programs on craft projects, reading, singing, and playing sports and games. Got rhythm? Volunteer to dance with clients at our frequent carnivals and parties. Volunteers may also choose to help with the care and maintenance of Mission Road facilities – painting, gardening, light repairs, hanging Christmas lights, or even harvesting olives in our 250-tree orchard.

Off-Campus Group Volunteers

We love to be out and about! Many members of our programs require walkers and wheelchairs, so we can always use extra hands to help people get around. We are grateful to volunteers who help members of our programs safely and efficiently manage transportation and ambulation on field trips. Our clients love to visit museums, the theater, historic sites, see movies, go bowling, and even volunteer for others – visiting senior centers, the Food Bank, and baking cookies at the Ronald McDonald House. Your group will have fun helping out on field trips for sure!

We also appreciate the monetary donations that make these community outings possible. Please see below and on our online form.


We appreciate individual and corporate sponsors who may choose to donate items such as tickets for community events, books, puzzles, crafts supplies, etc. Monetary donations are appreciated to help cover transportation expenses, meals, and other expenses for off-campus experiences – including overnight vacations for our residents.

Individual Volunteers

An individual may assist in on-campus programming such as arts and crafts classes, music lessons, tutoring, field trips, birthday parties, fundraisers, holiday parties, and much more.

Shindig, Community Employment Luncheon, and Club Unicorn

Individuals can volunteer for Mission Road’s client activities or fundraising events. Dance with our clients, serve popcorn or pizza, or serve on our special fundraising committees including Underwriting & Table Sponsor recruitment, Auction Donation procurement, Decorating, Guest Registration, etc.

Questions? Contact info@mrmsat.org or call (210) 334-2455.

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Wow!!!!Thank you for these kind words…..but to me being able to help is extremely rewarding and I genuinely enjoyed being there and if it happens again…..count me in…I had such a wonderful time….being around all those people …it didn’t seem like work….the experience and the memories are one that I will always treasure …..I will always be ready ….willing…and able to help if you ever need my help again….

– Albert L.


Complete our online Volunteer Interest Form below. Upon submission, a team member will contact you to help coordinate a volunteer activity that meets your expectations and provides your volunteers with a memorable and productive experience.

Mission Road Volunteer Protocol and Restrictions

  • Mission Road does not offer volunteer opportunities for Court Ordered Community Service.
  • As of 2022, staffing challenges prevent clinical internships and student internships at both our Southside and Unicorn Centers campuses. We are not accepting university, college, and/or nursing school intern partnerships.
  • High Access and/or Individual Volunteers must complete our application, undergo a full background check (FBI and DPS), they must pay the non-refundable application fee of $87, and participate in an in-person interview. Acceptance is subject to approval and clearance at all junctures.
  • All requests for both individual and group volunteer projects are reviewed by and subject to approval by the Mission Road Volunteer Council. Not all requests are granted.

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