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Boarding School

A few of our children living at Mission Road are members of loving families who partner with us to care for their children overnight, throughout the week and on weekends as is helpful.  We provide each child with professional, 24-hour AWAKE care by trained, attentive staff allowing the child to thrive and grow into a successful and happy adult.

Among the greatest benefits to our children is our predictable schedule and tranquil home environment to which children with IDD respond best.  We provide our partnering families with time and respite from the 24/7/365 care that often overwhelms families with children with special needs.  Our caregivers are rested and ready to provide focused and loving for each of the children in their care.

Our caregivers are not distracted like parents and foster parents are with other obligations like cooking dinner, doing laundry, driving other children to practices, etc.  We are 100% focused on the special children in their care.  Further more, our caregivers all participate in 50+ hours of professional training each year.

Our greatest strength: three 8-hour shifts of ready, rested and loving caregivers providing 24/7/365 awake care.  This is simply not something any mom or dad can provide – no matter how hard you try. It’s OK to lean on us. You can trust us.

The children in our Boarding School program join us as residents in our cottages and participate completely in all campus and programming activities.  The children attend public school at Harlandale ISD as full time students utilizing the exceptional special needs education program of the district.

Families maintain complete and full access to their children and are welcomed to the campus any time, day or night, to monitor and oversee their child’s care.  Parents are encouraged to attend all campus events and field trips.  Parents continue to include their children in family activities that are part of their family tradition – Wednesday nights at church, gymnastics classes, team sports, holidays and family vacations.  By partnering with Mission Road, Boarding School families are now able to find new, tranquil and re-energizing time to devote to other siblings, work and a healthy & intact marriage.

Mission Road Boarding School is a private, fee-for-service program contracted annually, billed monthly and priced individually based upon the needs of the child.

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To learn more or schedule a campus tour, please contact at info@mrmsat.org or call 210.924.9265.