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Job & Life Skills Training

The Unicorn Centers’ Job & Life Skills program prepares our clients for community employment by providing the support that each individual needs to experience success in the workplace.

All clients are treated in a manner consistent with a “real job.” Each client is assigned a Unicorn staff member as a supervisor, is given breaks and is expected to meet production demands within his/her abilities and are paid appropriately for their work. Our priority is for all clients to work successfully and experience a new level of self reliability and self esteem – all provided in a safe, encouraging and educational atmosphere among peers and friends.

Certified by the Department of Labor, clients participating in our Job & Life Skills program work at the Unicorn Centers on sub-contracted jobs in partnership with area businesses. This is often the first experience that many have had holding a job. We take pride in assuring that every dedicated and hard working client earns his/her paycheck for a job well done.  Our clients earn personal spending money allowing them to be more independent, more productive and more included in our community.

Through their participation in our Job & Life Skills program, participating clients:

  • learn how to successfully work with others
  • follow multi-step directions
  • learn to work with a supervisor
  • learn how to stay on task
  • practice working with job site tools & machines
  • practice counting, money and math skills
  • practice successful & safe assembly and packaging
  • learn about work place safety

In between contract participation times, clients work with our exceptional staff – many of whom are retired teachers and business leaders. Clients participate in familiar school and classroom activities such as reading, writing, math and current affairs. Furthermore, clients engage in activities teaching and practicing important life skills and curriculum especially geared to adults with special needs such as personal hygiene, healthy shopping and meal preparation, cooking and cleaning skills, home safety, personal safety, etc.

What do our contracts and projects look like?  Contract operations include, but are not limited to:

  • light manufacturing
  • assembling
  • packaging
  • collating
  • bulk mailing and more

Contact us at [email protected] or call 210.737.3355


Click Here to view this month’s activity calendar for our Job and Life Skills Program.

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