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Unicorn Centers Community Employment Recognition & Virtual Celebration 2020

For more than 15 years, employers, family and friends have looked forward to annually celebrating the hardworking people in our Community Employment program at our Unicorn Centers’ luncheon.

This year, in light of the mandate from Governor Abbott to isolate at home, our VIRTUAL CELEBRATION serves as our campaign to raise these mission critical funds. Still, we must raise $200,000 annually to employ our Job Coaches, an unfunded yet critical support and advocate for people with IDD in the workforce.

Keeping in mind the health and wellness of us all, and understanding that this public recognition is important and meaningful to our clients, we will reschedule our annual spring event to a date later this year as appropriate.

If your circumstances permit, please support our Community Employment & Job Coach program with your financial gift. You are making certain that the people in our care remain successfully employed and included in the San Antonio business community.

Thank you for remaining optimistic and choosing to sponsor a table and purchase seats. We hope to reschedule the luncheon in its entirety. In the event that our celebration is restricted to only including the people in our care, we will happily convert your gift from a table sponsorship to general support as your direct us.

Until then, please join us today in celebrating the Unicorn Centers Community Employment Program with your financial gift keeping the program strong. We are proud to celebrate The Power of Three!

To donate using your credit or debit card online, please CLICK HERE.

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Unicorn Center Community Employment Luncheon Registration

  • This year we honored 90 Unicorn clients. We welcome our friends, supporters and business leaders to join us in supporting our Community Employment and Job Coach program. Thank you for your generosity.
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